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So, there was another contender for Best (expected) Game to come out of this nifty E3 presentation. And it is Mario Kart 8, for Wii U. Hear me out, guys, the game is looking really good. No, just see for yourselves. The game includes mechanics seen in Mario Kart 7, such as the shifting vehicles. You can now shift to a hover vehicle à la F-Zero to boost onto shifting tracks, like loops and all kinds of non-gravitational environments.

The characters and environments look very sharp. Although the whimsical mood is one returning from the post-N64 games, there is also a return to the realism seen in Mario Kart 64. We can also expect the returning classic tracks, like Piranha Plant Slide from the 3DS game. How do you find the game? Mario Kart 8 is due to launch in Spring 2014.

Our Verdict

George Moujaes
Jordi89 on Miiverse. The first passionate gaming experience I ever had was well into the 90's in a game called Snowboard Kids. I played it on the Nintendo 64, and everything about it was the pinnacle of a blissful, happy, outlandish, cartoonish yet true to life state of mind. Check it out. Because if you do enjoy it just as much as I do, we may be very, very, incredibly alike.


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