The newest StreetPass update is finally here! Announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, this StreetPass update contains the newest two Mii Plaza games, Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z. Each of these games costs $4.99 separately, or $7.99 as a bundle. If you have all of the previous Mii Plaza games, however, this bundle price gets slightly reduced to $6.99. The free portion of the update brings more abilities as well. You can now customize the StreetPass greeting word balloons, rearrange the icons for the games, and even hide games you aren’t interested in anymore in the vault. This allows you to avoid getting notifications for these games without getting rid of them completely. You can freely move games to and from the vault at anytime, so you can swap games in and out as you wish.

The update also enables the choice to upgrade to the Premium Plaza which comes with even more benefits for only $4.99. One benefit of the premium upgrade is the ability to record people’s birthdays. Successfully recording all 366 birthdays will net you a bunch of tickets which can be redeemed for hats and such! You can also make certain Miis into VIPs, which will prevent them from being deleted down the road. Next, you can listen to the Music Player even if you close your system! You can only pick from the seven tracks made available to you from the beginning, however. Finally, upgrading will allow you to skip conversation elements when meeting Miis, allowing you to clear out your line faster than ever!

What do you think of these new features? Is StreetPass Premium worth the cost? Are the new games any good?

Source: Kotaku

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