The Nintendo 3DS’s Mii Plaza got some love during today’s Nintendo Direct, with two new plaza games and a premium service announced. The two games are Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z. The former is a rather robust fishing game, with over 150 varieties of fish to catch, while the latter allows you to use the Miis you’ve tagged as defenders against hordes of the undead, using their chosen hobbies as their theme. The games will be available for purchase within Mii Plaza on April 16th. With them, StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium will also become available, which will enable various additional features in your Plaza.

The titles all go for $4.99 individually, but the two game titles can be picked up as a bundle for $7.99 instead.
Ultimate Angler will have players picking out various baits to attract their desired fishy mark, with an impressive variety to hunt for. Battleground Z has 26 different makeshift weapon types for your Mii survivors to fight with, and their hobby theme will determine how they fight. During the Direct, it was shared that Plaza Premium will add a VIP room where you can store 100 of your more favored Plaza residents, and a birthday calendar to keep track of your Mii’s birthdays, though I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few more perks as well.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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