Stardew Valley, 2016’s indie farming sim, was a smash hit. The entire first iteration of the game was created by one man, Eric Barone. The game was a labor of love for Barone, as he did all of the programming, writing, art, and music, the latter of which is getting a physical release later this year.

Online retailer Mondo is selling the entire soundtrack from Stardew Valley on two double sided vinyls. Each side of the two records features music from one of the seasons and is colored to match the time of year it represents. The set also includes high quality art on the jacket inside and out, and it is set to start shipping next month. The first edition, which features tri-colored vinyls, is already sold out according to Mondo, but the second edition (featuring dual-colored vinyls, pictured below) is still for sale and does not appear to be a limited edition.

What do you think of this vinyl set? Let us know below!

Source: Mondo

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