Kotaku recently did an interview with Eric Barone (also known as ConcernedApe), the creator of Stardew Valley: the latest massive indie hit on Steam. Given the 98% positive rating (out of the 13,519 user reviews) on Steam, it’s safe to say this game is particularly well-liked.

The game already is chock-full of content, but it’s still being updated every once in a while. The latest patch’s updates were concerned with an improvement of post-marriage life gameplay. In the update’s notes, Barone stated that he is still working on that aspect, but in the interview it became obvious that he is not going to stop there. Although he hasn’t decided on the specifics yet, he stated that he is considering a free content update, and perhaps even a multiplayer mode or port on other platforms.

While describing how he envisions this multiplayer mode, Barone noted that he wants it to be a four player co-op, where each person is doing something different; one is tending the crops, one is battling monsters and searching for treasure in the mines, etc.

You can read his exact statements below:

“My top priority right now is to fix any bugs or issues that people are having. Then after that I haven’t exactly decided yet, but I might want to do a pretty big content update for free first before I start working on multiplayer or porting it to other platforms. I’ll address a lot of these issues that I’m talking about where the game isn’t perfect or it could be improved upon.”

“My idea for multiplayer has always been basically just a four-player co-op. Basically you’d be playing on the same farm, a lot like single-player Stardew Valley except there’s other people doing everything with you. One person can be in the mines, one person can be farming, another person can be fishing. I’ll have to scale some of the difficulty up depending on how many people are playing in the game world. There’s a lot of gameplay issues that I’ll have to consider.” — Eric Barone

Source: Kotaku

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