Earlier this week, US Gamer released an interview with Yugo Hayashi and Yusuke Hashimoto, who led the development of Star Fox Zero. Hayashi and Hashimoto acted as lead developers representing Nintendo and Platinum Games respectively.

Towards the end of the interview, the pair were asked to discuss what they learned from the experience of making Star Fox Zero, as well as whether they would consider making a more traditional Star Fox game. They both spoke about the game’s unconventional control scheme and stated that it was a perfect choice for Star Fox Zero, though it probably won’t ever be revisited.

Their full statement can be read below! As you can see, the developers chose the dual-screen aiming system because it was the best fit for the Wii U hardware and would provide the most dynamic experience. However, they don’t believe it’ll ever be revisited in a future Star Fox, as the aiming system was chosen specifically for Star Fox Zero and the franchise will want to try new ideas in future titles, to avoid stagnation.

On what Platinum and Nintendo learned from their experiment and whether they would make a more traditional Star Fox game…

“In terms of what I think we were able to accomplish with the two screens, I think in normal shooting games, you’ll always have the camera behind your shoulder – it won’t really change. What we were able to do with the two screens is, you have the piloting element of the gameplay, you have that objective screen, the overall screen, and then you have the shooting – the first-person screen on the gamepad that allows you to look around. I think that then makes it a much more dynamic shooting experience, and I think that’s the result of the camera system.”

“I think with this title, it was definitely something where we looked at the Wii U hardware very specifically and wanted to take advantage of the characteristic of that hardware. And I think if you look at the Star Fox series as a whole, looking back to the Super NES days, through to Star Fox 64, that had the all-range mode and the rumble tech, Star Fox has always been a series that has tried different things, evolving and changing, and I think that will continue. But, for right now, I want to look and see what the reaction [to Star Fox Zero] is. I’m hopeful that people will enjoy the game, but I think for now, we’ll just wait and see how things go.”

The aiming system in Star Fox Zero was a matter of controversy when the game first released, with most critics labeling the new style as “awkward” or even “frustrating.” However, many fans have praised the camera system in the game for its added complexity and realism.

You can check out the full interview here. The pair discuss a few more topics about the new Star Fox, including the initial negative reception at E3 and the reasoning behind the addition of the Gyrowing.

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy the aiming system in Star Fox Zero? Would you like to see it return in future titles? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: US Gamer (via Nintendo Everything)

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