Final Fantasy XV has been making big waves this past week, both good and bad. Without spoiling anything, fans and reviewers alike have expressed discontent with how the gameplay and story were handled in the game’s already infamous thirteenth chapter. In response, Square Enix posted a recent press release that Chapter 13 and other issues will soon be addressed in future updates.

The press release detailed Square Enix’s short, medium, and long term plans for upcoming updates. To summarize, short term plans seem to mostly be focused on making the Ring of Lucii, the weapon players are forced to use for the majority of Chapter 13, a more viable weapon while also adding other gameplay tweaks to help make the chapter less tedious to play. Square Enix’s medium term plans include adding more cutscenes and dialogue to the same chapter to help the story. Specifically, the character Ravus is named as one of the reasons for these additions.

Finally, the developer’s long term plans are to let players play as other main characters besides the four party members available. A character creation mechanic is even being considered at this point as well. Currently, the four main characters are the only permanent party members with one additional character that randomly joins the party for short periods of time.

Besides these future intentions, additional features are planned to launch at some point including a level limiter, new game plus, and invincibility equipment. The new game plus and level limiter are expected to be included with the upcoming Holiday pack update. Online events such as hunts and boss fights are also in the works.

In addition to all of this, Hajime Tabata himself says that he and his team intend to continue working and providing further support to Final Fantasy XV beyond these plans, including making “improvements based on feedback from players after release.”

Do any of these updates excite you? Is there anything else you would like to see fixed in Final Fantasy XV? Let us know in the comments below!

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