The case of SoulCalibur II‘s HD remake has been a curious one indeed. The HD makeover was announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but fans were left disappointed when it was revealed that the game would appear on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but not on the Wii U. The original GameCube version was seen by some as the best version, and the exclusion of a Nintendo-specific version of the remake also excludes an appearance of Link, who was a playable character in the GameCube release. Moreover, Project Soul, the developers of both the original game and the HD remake, defended their choice, claiming that their decision wasn’t made to favor one console or another.

However, there may be some hope left for the Nintendo fanbase. GamesRadar caught up with Namco Bandai, the publishers of SoulCalibur, and asked the developers about a Wii U version. While there are no plans for a Wii U edition at the moment, Namco are willing to reconsider their decision if they see enough demand for a release on Nintendo’s home console. They even went as far as to recommend an outlet, suggesting that interested gamers can tweet producer Masaaki Hoshino’s Twitter (@hoshino_calibur) to show that there is a demand. In other words, tweet away, Wii U gamers!

Source: GamesRadar

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