A ChaoFans of everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog have gotten a lot of good news as of late, with Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces having a strong showing at this year’s E3. However, it appears that fans of “Chao Garden,” the pet raising minigame from the Sonic Adventure titles, are out of luck. According to Shun Nakamura, the producer of Sonic Forces, and Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team, the Chao will not be making an appearance in Forces.

For those unfamiliar, the Chao Garden minigame featured similar mechanics to many pet raising simulators, and it first appeared in Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, where you could transfer the Chao to your VMU and interact with them like a Tamagotchi. On the GameCube Sonic Adventure ports, players could transfer Chao, rings, and food between the GameCube and the “Tiny Chao Garden” from the Sonic Advance titles, via the Game Boy Advance-to-GameCube link cable.

Are you grieving the loss of these virtual critters? Do you think a true Chao Garden will ever return to the series? Let us know below!

Source: IGN

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