In light of the recent bad publicity with Microsoft and their Xbox One, Sony is
taking every opportunity to drum up some good press. In a recent interview, Sony explains that they have listened to us:

“We listen to our consumers. We value our relationship with them above anything else. I think this generation we did a better job listening to our consumers, finding out what is important to them and also to the development community by putting the tools in their hands and the end result to that is beautiful: The PlayStation 4.”

This one up man-ship has been great for the consumer as of late. Sony continues on to explain how they respect consumer choice, and how they are going to bring value to the consumer:

“And we know that consumers value the right to choose to what they do with their games and if it isn’t broke, why try to fix it,” he said.

“It’s a tremendous value and we are going to sell more PlayStation 4s during the holiday season than any of our previous generations. It’s a tremendous price point, the most powerful machine ever made and it’s going to have an unbelievable line up of games,”

While this obviously screams PR BS, it is still nice that, for at least one more console generation, we are getting treated with the respect we deserve as consumers.

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