One of the major gripes gamers had about the Xbox One was the need to have the Kinect, which would be included with the console, always be turned on. Although Microsoft may have changed their minds about some of their policies, it seems that Sony chose to take a completely different direction.

According to Scott Lowe of IGN, Sony opted to remove the PlayStation 4 camera from the console box in order to cut costs:

According to multiple sources … Sony nixed plans to include the camera add-on with every system and shave $100 off its originally planned price of $499.

Later on, Lowe went on to speculate on the impact that this will have on the console and the camera:

At present, Sony’s abandonment of the Eye in favor of a lower priced PlayStation 4 seems to be paying off — the company claims to be boosting internal sales estimates and online retailers are reporting record breaking pre-sales — but will it be able to incentivize consumers and developers to adopt the device in the future?

While it seems that Microsoft thinks that the Kinect will replace headsets, the future of the camera for PlayStation 4 is unsure. The Xbox One is still $100 more than the PlayStation 4. With news that both consoles will likely be released around the same time, it will be up to consumers to decide whether or not a camera is integral to their gameplay.

Are you disappointed or glad about this lack of camera? Will this somehow impact your purchase? Let us know in the comments below.

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