The development of Sonic Heroes, a 2004 platformer developed by Sonic Team USA, had some pretty adverse effects on director Takashi Iizuka. Iizuka was one of two people in charge of designing the levels for the game, but partway through development, the second designer “got pretty sick and didn’t show up to work, so level design was made by one person!” Long hours and sleepless nights led to Iizuka losing around 22 pounds by the end of development, a staggering and unhealthy amount of weight to lose in a short period of time.

Mismanagement was also a factor in Iizuka’s lack of support in level design, as the rest of the team was based in Japan while he was in the United States. Iizuka’s full comments are as follows:

“The level design for Sonic Heroes was made by two people: me and one other person. As we got to the later stages of development, this other person got pretty sick and didn’t show up to work, so level design was made by one person! So for those very last stages of the game, I didn’t sleep at all and I was constantly working. I lost about 22 pounds because I was just cranking away and it was just work, work, work. I didn’t sleep because I had to finish the game on my own. Almost dying!” — Takashi Iizuka

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Source: Nintendo Everything

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