Much like Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, the following trailer has actually been out for a little while now. Yet it has been incredibly difficult to come up with the words to describe or present it. All that can really be said is whoever worked on this trailer honestly deserves some kind of award. This new-ish trailer shows the love story of a man and his robot. This truly wondrous tale of love, rejection, and coming to terms with ones own “defects” will definitely be a story remembered for years to come.

Okay, not really. But it might be remembered as one of the most entertaining trailers SEGA has ever released. The trailer mostly features cutscenes from the Fire & Ice game (something the trailer mercilessly makes fun of). You likely already know whether or not you like Sonic Boom‘s brand of humor, so those scenes can be hit or miss. The real humor of the trailer shines through once they start sharing review scores. It features quotes from the enigmatic “NGI” who gave the game an 11/10, citing it for having “tons of water,” to the aforementioned cutscene jab, to “1/Blueberry – Great movie. I wish I knew how to play it” from “Triternal.” There’s even a joke making fun of Deus Ex‘s Adam Jenson, possibly in response to the Knuckles, Knuckles, and Knuckles easter egg in Mankind Divided. Of course, all of this is happening with incredibly cheesy country/soft rock playing in the background.

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