A Steam user called St4ck has overtaken the previous highest Steam rank by spending around $13,000 on Summer Sale games, digital trading card sets, and other XP-giving items. This puts him at rank 1,113, just above PalmDesert, who previously held the top slot with his rank of 1,111.

In case you’re not familiar with Steam, the ranking system involves a level number on each user’s profile. This number is raised by earning XP through actions such as trading, performing achievements in games, and being involved in programs like Steam Greenlight. Most users are probably only in the hundreds, so a profile with over a thousand levels is pretty impressive.

St4ck meticulously worked out the best ways to generate Steam XP, including bulk buying cheap games during the Summer Sale event and trading the cards created by playing those games. This feat involved spending $2,000 per day on trading cards and crafting complete sets for more XP, eventually earning him the coveted Steam Summer Sale badge on his profile. This badge can be upgraded an unlimited number of times, letting St4ck craft a badge worth 54,000 XP.

It’s unclear what St4ck intends to gain from being the highest ranked Steam user. Perhaps we’ll see him again in about a decade when he’s got all the achievements for the games he bought? What do you think? Let us know below!

Source: Kotaku

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