Late last year, Nintendo celebrated the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda by releasing some Amiibo based on some of the franchise’s most popular games. Included in this release were three Link figures, based off of Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda, and The Wind Waker, as well as a Zelda figure also from The Wind Waker. As part of the huge Breath of the Wild data leak last week, some prying eyes noticed that nestled within the list of Zelda Amiibo were three new names, suggesting that Nintendo might be planning on releasing even more 30th anniversary figures.

The files listed the three unknown figures as “TableKing30th_Link_Twilight,” “TableKing30th_Link_Majora,” and “TableKing30th_Link_Skyward.” Since these do not correlate to any known figures, it seems reasonable to assume that these represent new figures. If it wasn’t already clear from the names, these hypothetical figures would likely be based off of Link’s Twilight Princess, Majora’s Mask, and Skyward Sword incarnations. I don’t have any idea what the Twilight Princess figure could look like since we already have Wolf Link, but I can easily see the Majora’s Mask figure showcasing the mask itself or maybe even Fierce Deity Link. For the Skyward Sword design, I think Link riding a Loftwing would be really nice.

For now though, these figures are purely hypothetical. Nintendo hasn’t released any information about the possibility of new Zelda Amiibo, so read into this what you will. I, for one, am hopeful to expand my collection even further!

Source: Reddit

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