An avid Undertale fan has created a massive domino contraption that portrays dozens of scenes from the game using over 80,000 falling dominoes. “Undertale in Dominoes” gives us many iconic moments in the game, such as the first battle against Flowey the Flower, and huge portraits of some of the game’s main characters, such as Toriel, Sans, and Papyrus. The final product of the video is unbelievable, and it took the creator over a month of work to complete.

You can check out the video above!

This video was created over the course of a month, and is made up of a series of separately filmed clips that are all put together to look like a cohesive whole. The creator,
TheDominoKing on YouTube, has made loads of videos like this before, with scenes from games like Splatoon and Pokémon Red and Blue.

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