Another update is on the way for Super Bomberman R. The 2017 Switch title has just been ported to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam, and with that is coming a plethora of new characters and a new mode. Konami’s pulling out the “big guns” this time, with characters from its beloved Metal Gear series and more entering the fray.

Both Solid Snake and Naked Snake will be playable in Bomber-forms, and both of them will be voiced by David Hayter. The Snakes will be joined by fellow
Metal Gear star Raiden, along with Goemon‘s Ebisumaru, Gradius‘s Vic Viper ZERO, Tokimeki Memorial‘s Ayako Katagiri, and Contra‘s Bill and Lance. Additionally, another character is on the way, and he’s not owned by Konami. He’s not even a video game character. Professional wrestler and avid gamer Xavier Woods is joining in on the action, and he will, of course, be voicing himself.

A new mode is also coming to the Grand Prix mode.
Metal Gear‘s Mother Base will have a stage based on it, and with it will come a King of the Hill-type game mode where players need to infiltrate enemy checkpoints and take them over.

Each version of
Super Bomberman R is available now, and each has a system-exclusive character. Xbox One has Halo‘s Master Chief, PlayStation 4 has Ratchet & Clank, and Steam has Portal‘s P-Body. The Switch version will soon update to have its own exclusive character: Bomberman’s longtime ally MAX.

Source: Twitter

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