Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s massive roster of new and returning characters just got a little bigger thanks to the debut of the first DLC character. Piranha Plant joined the fight last week, and millions of players are familiarizing themselves with the potted combatant. But according to the latest info from data miners, it appears this newcomer may have been nerfed before ever entering the ring.

Data miner Meshima reports that Piranha Plant was originally coded with three jumps, but that count was reduced to two via a launch day patch. Nintendo decreased the “jump_count_max” parameter to two, but they left the third jump animation in the game’s data. You can view it for yourself in the embedded tweet below.

It’s unclear why Nintendo made this apparently last-minute decision. Based on your time with the character, do you think Piranha would be greatly aided by that extra jump, or is it fine the way it is now? Sound off in the comments!

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