Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already has the biggest roster in franchise history, but Nintendo isn’t stopping there. Piranha Plant just launched as a free download to early buyers, and five more DLC characters are planned over the course of the next year. One of them was revealed as Persona 5‘s Joker, but what about the rest? The next DLC fighter appears to be have been unmasked thanks to a recent hint.

You may recall that last month Smash data miners discovered what they believed to be code names for upcoming DLC fighters. One of those code names was “Brave,” which set off a flurry of speculation. Could this be a character from the Bravely Default series or someone related to Brave Vesperia in the Tales series? Another possibility put forward was Erdrick from the Dragon Quest series, as his Hero class, or “Yuusha,” can also be translated as “Brave.”

It now appears likely that the final of those options is the truth. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate supervisor Kumazaki Shinya recently uploaded an Instagram post featuring Erdrick’s shield alongside Kirby with the caption, “The brave’s shield.” At this point, I can’t imagine any other interpretation of this message other than an Erdrick confirmation.

Source: Shinya Kumazaki

Ben Lamoreux


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