While not as important to a match as, say, a Smash Ball, Sakurai has revealed a new item for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games that can immediately change players’ priorities: The Special Flag. The pixellated item is inspired by its appearance in Namco-developed games such as Star Fox: Assault and Tales of Vesperia. While it has different functions in each game it appears in, in Smash Bros. it can grant you an extra life or one point to your KO count depending on what game type you’re playing in.

The catch? You can’t just pick it up like any old item. Players will have to not only nab the Flag, but also hold it above their heads long enough for it to activate. Until we see it in action, we can only speculate on the limitations to this item, if players can move and resume raising it like when charging an attack, or even move at all, or the length of time it needs to activate.

Source: Miiverse

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