As we saw in the last Nintendo Direct, the inclusion of Cloud in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will bring with it a brand new Final Fantasy VII stage, Midgar. While we got a look at the new arena, details of its unique elements weren’t entirely clear. Today’s special Smash Bros. presentation, however, revealed all the cool details about the stage. The big twist with Midgar is that Summon Materia occasionally appears on the stage, and the players who pick them up will be able to call on powerful monsters that alter the playing field.

The first summon, Ifrit, spawns hazards of fire that will shift the position of the entire stage. The next, Ramuh, creates electrically charged pass-through platforms that cause damage to players. Another summon, Odin, cuts the stage completely in half, while the Leviathan summon will flood the stage with water that flows from the right side to the left side of the screen. Any water KOs will add points to the score of the player who summoned Leviathan. Finally, Bahamut Zero releases a devastating energy blast. The attack is visible before it deals damage and knockback, so you can try to lure in your foes before it hits.

Cloud and Midgar will be released after the presentation.

Source: Smash Direct

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