You may not have been looking out for this one, but it seems that Activision has released an extended trailer for their upcoming addition to the Skylanders series, Skylanders Swap Force, at E3. The video comes to us courtesy of tealgamemaster (Teal).

For those of you who are unaware, Skylanders is a franchise that came about a few years ago with the idea of having toys to interact with video games. Borrowing off of the Spyro series and a bit of the Pokémon “gotta catch ’em all” mentality, this franchise has games across all consoles, [soon] hundreds of toys to purchase, and a growing popularity, especially with kids and families. Swap Force, the set to release this October, allows players to mix and match parts of the newest toys to create totally new Skylanders with different abilities (according to the video, 256 possible combinations…if you buy ’em all).

For those familiar with the series, this game features the return of Kaos, although so far how his role will be different from the previous games remains to be seen. According to Teal, this video also features a new Skylander, Fire Kraken (around 1:20).

Teal has had a good connection with Activision ever since he first started doing Let’s Plays (LP) of the original Skylanders game, which helped bring some visibility to the game. He is also currently at E3 and doing a vlog, which you can find on his channel. If you’re interested in the series, his channel is one of the best places to find information.

Have you played any of the Skylanders games? Are you excited for the newest installment? Let us know in the comments below.

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