Yacht Club Games passed a rather large milestone for any indie developer recently, surpassing 2 million total sales with their hit game Shovel Knight. The developers have provided data that shows which platform the game sold the most on and what region it was most popular in.

Surprisingly, the PC and 3DS versions make up almost half of Shovel Knight‘s total sales. The Switch edition also clocks in at 17.6% of the 2 million, even though it released well after the original launch. The Switch is also the biggest source of revenue for Shovel Knight, since it outpaced the sales of other consoles so drastically in the short amount of time it’s been out. With the release of Nintendo Switch and Specter of Torment, Yacht Club Games was able to double their revenue in 2017 compared to 2016.

So what do all of these sale numbers mean for the gamers? It means we get to celebrate by playing the game! If you somehow haven’t managed to pick up Shovel Knight yet, the game is now on sale on all major platforms. You can purchase Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove at 20% off for $19.99. This edition of the game comes with Specter of Torment, Plague of Shadows, and the King Knight campaign and battle mode when they release later on.

Grab your shovels and get to digging! Will you be picking up Shovel Knight now that it’s on sale, or are you patiently waiting for the new content that’s coming to the game later? Leave your thoughts down in the comments below!

Source: Yacht Club Games

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