If you haven’t gotten your hands on Shovel Knight yet, you’re missing out on an instant classic. Yacht Club’s retro-style 2D platformer launched on PC, Wii U, and 3DS a few days ago, and has been met with a strong and high-scoring reception. Shovel Knight plays like a tribute to the classic era of NES games, borrowing the 8-bit style without all of the technical limitations of ’80s hardware, and the result is a fantastically fun and challenging adventure.

So what’s next for Yacht Club? The indie studio hasn’t settled on an answer to that question just yet, but they do have lots of ideas, including SNES and N64 style sequels for Shovel Knight. Speaking with Hardcore Gamer, Shovel Knight designer/director Sean Velasco and pixel artist Nick Wozniak (Woz) discussed the possibility of 16-bit and 64-bit sequels.

HG: So now that you’ve arrived at Shovel Knight, are there plans for Shovel Knight 2?

Sean: …we’re always having tons of ideas about new things that we might be doing at the Yacht Club. A few things that we’ve talked about are doing like a Super Shovel Knight, like a 16-bit version, or doing like an N64-style like Shovel Knight 64 that would be a 3D platformer. I mean like I wouldn’t want it to look terrible, you know. (He and Woz laugh)

Woz: Well in the same way we didn’t want Shovel Knight to look like a terrible NES game, I’m sure that we would approach Shovel Knight 64 with the same level of you like, you know, it’s pushing towards that era but not adhering to its limitations.

Sean: Right, it’s like maybe we would round off the polygons so it looks a little bit more Wind Waker-y, you know, but it still has a very simple and clean 3D aesthetic.

Woz: Whether the use of textures, emphasis on geometry, and maybe some billboarded enemies. (laughs)

Sean: So it’s like maybe that kind of thing. What we’ve been saying a lot is after this we kind of want to just step away from Shovel Knight for a bit and make something unique and new so we’re not pegged as “The Shovel Knight Studio”. We may not even do something that’s like a retro-remake style thing, right, like we could just do a game that has no nostalgic trappings to kind of show our range a little bit more.

I’d love to see something new and imaginative from Yacht Club, but I’m digging (yeah, I went there) the idea of a Super Shovel Knight. Transitioning to 3D gameplay would be a very different experience, but it would be interesting to see nonetheless.

Source: Hardcore Gamer

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