It’s hard to think of a series that has a cult following quite the size of the Shenmue series. The first two games helped pioneer the sandbox style game, and they set the groundwork for many other open world games to come. The last game in the series, Shenmue II, was released in 2002, leaving the fans to suffer what was to be a fifteen year cliffhanger. However, it now appears that they’ll have to wait just a bit longer.

Yesterday, Shenmue III‘s Kickstarter page added a new video update. In it, series creator Yu Suzuki explained that the game had become “bigger and more beautiful” due to “new technologies,” and that the development team will need more time to flesh out the concept supported by their backers. Thus, the game’s release will be pushed until the second half of 2018.

Shenmue III is currently slated to release on PlayStation 4 and PC.

What do you think about these delays? Are you willing to wait a bit longer to make sure the game releases at its best? Let us know below!

Source: DualShockers, Kickstarter

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