Most companies use E3 as a way to reveal new titles in their flagship franchises. For example, Nintendo revealed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Square Enix showed new Kingdom Hearts III footage. SEGA, on the other hand, revealed their new crowdfunding campaign to make a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed toaster. Yes, this is an actual thing that they are doing.

The limited-edition toaster will toast Sonic’s head into any bread that’s placed in it. While the product may seem weird and most toasters toast more than just the center of the bread, SEGA is fully aware of the campiness of the product. Part of the product’s description is “Gotta Toast Fast,” so clearly they aren’t taking themselves too seriously.

In order for the product to be fully crowdfunded, a total of 1000 toasters need to be sold by July 12th, and they’re currently a little more than a fourth of the way there. Each toaster costs $34.95 and, assuming it gets funded, will ship on October 1st. If you wish to help fund the Sonic toaster, head on over to SEGA’s online shop.

SEGA has yet to announce a campaign for a Tails blender or a Shadow food processor, but if the toaster’s campaign is a success, who knows? They might just make an entire line of Sonic the Hedgehog-themed kitchenware.

Source: SEGA

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