The release of Pokémon GO has been wildly successful for Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, quickly jumping to the top of the iOS charts and leading to a 10% increase in Nintendo’s stock overnight. However, the game is proving to also be a huge boost to the rest of the Pokémon franchise. According to data from Google Trends, the search term “Pokémon” is trending higher than ever; the graph, which shows data from January 2004 until now, displays a sharp peak in searches for Pokémon in July 2016.

This boost in Google searches is almost definitely thanks to Pokémon GO, and it’s a huge deal for the Pokémon franchise. A ton of people who wouldn’t normally play Pokémon games are playing Pokémon GO because it’s free to download and everyone is talking about it. It also doesn’t hurt that the game only features the original 150 Pokémon currently, making it easier for fans who played the early Pokémon games to get into it. This new group of players is then searching on Google for more information about the franchise. With Pokémon Sun and Moon releasing in just over 4 months, the timing couldn’t be much better for Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, as a lot of these fans will likely stumble upon information about the new games’ region, Pokémon, and more. It’ll be interesting to see whether all of this popularity will lead to increased sales of the new titles.

You can check out the graph of Google’s data by clicking in the gallery below; you can also head over to the interactive graph by clicking below.

Source: Google Trends

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