Cloud, who was announced at the previous Nintendo Direct, is coming later today to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, and Sakurai shared some more details about him in today’s special Smash Direct. For example, the sound effects you hear when he attacks with his sword are inspired by his original games, and his costumes are based on the original FFVII and on Advent Children (a nice detail: the Advent Children costume has a version with sleeves and a version without).

Cloud has a Limit Gauge mechanic, similar to Little Mac’s damage gauge, and it fills up in the same way too: by taking and dealing out damage. However, this time you don’t see the gauge until it is all filled up, unless you choose to charge it manually with the Down Special. When this gauge is filled up, you will be able to use a stronger version of his Special attacks.

Speaking of his Special attacks, Sakurai has listed them all. His Neutral Special will fire an energy shockwave from his blade, which is stronger on the ground than in the air, and Limit Break will increase its power. His Side Special is a cross slash, which can hit three times, and its Limit Break will increase its damage and launch power. His Up Special will allow him to jump and slash upwards with the sword, and if you hit the button again, Cloud will slash downwards. The Limit Break will allow Cloud to jump up a lot higher. Finally, if you use the Down Special with a full Limit Gauge, the move will become “Finishing Touch,” and, though it only causes 1% damage, it has amazing launch capability.

Source: Smash Direct

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