In a recent Famitsu column, Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai attempted to clear up a few misconceptions about the Smash Bros. franchise. He addressed several views held by the gaming community and explained why they were inaccurate or misleading one by one.

Sakurai first tackled allegations of his own favoritism given that Kirby and Pit are on the box art, saying that he didn’t decide on the art; that was Nintendo’s choice entirely. Players have also raised questions about supposedly stronger-than-average characters and whether this is because they are favorites of Sakurai’s. In reality, the characters were balanced objectively by the development team based on results from monitoring versus battles, not simply given arbitrary skill levels.

Finally, some players have noticed the high number of Fire Emblem characters compared to those from other franchises. Sakurai has stated that while there are a lot of Fire Emblem characters, this was decided strategically rather than by picking favorites from other Nintendo titles.

Source: Hokanko-Alt (via Nintendo Everything)

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