During the initial Nintendo Switch reveal back in October, 2016, Nintendo showed us a brief glimpse of the hit Wii U game Splatoon running on the upcoming hybrid console. While Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed that the popular team-based shooter is coming to Switch, that definitely seems to be the case, and leakers claim the new version includes free DLC and more new content.

We’ve previously heard (via reliable Nintendo Switch leaker Laura Kate Dale) that the Switch version of Splatoon will feature a new 1v1 local multiplayer mode (when the console is being played on the go like a handheld), and another interesting tidbit recently surfaced. According to Liam Robertson (known for his work digging up the truth behind cancelled game projects for Unseen64), Splatoon on Switch is also rumored to feature playable Octolings.

This is something a lot of fans have been wanting since launch, and someone even modded the Wii U version to allow for it, but now it sounds like they could finally be available in an official capacity. As usual with rumors, we want to remind you that this information is not confirmed by Nintendo at this time (maybe we’ll hear it straight from the horse’s mouth on January 12th?), and we advise you to take it with a grain of salt.

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