In just a short week, Amiibo hunters may be faced with a mad dash to GameStop to secure preorders for a new three-pack of Amiibo. According to the Amiibo subreddit, an inside source at GameStop says that an exclusive “Retro Pack”, consisting of R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and Duck Hunt, will go live for preorders next Saturday, August 8th. Pre-orders will be handled in the traditional sense, meaning that you’ll actually have to go to the store to reserve your copy—there will be no online or Web In Store preorders.

If you want to secure your pre-order, you should get there early, as each store will only have approximately thirty packs available. For PowerUp Rewards Pro members, some stores are reportedly opening an hour early for the event, but this is on a store-by-store basis. For those of you who don’t get a pre-order, don’t fret, as the figures themselves are not GameStop exclusive—only the Retro Pack is. However, according to the source, GameStop may not receive any of the individual figures as a side-effect of them having the bundle.

Are you going to get up bright and early for a chance to get the Retro Pack or are you going to try your luck elsewhere? In either case, happy Amiibo hunting and good luck!

Source: Reddit

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