Quite a few intriguing Nintendo rumors have been popping up over at NintenGen lately (including NX support for Unreal Engine 4 and NX versions of Final Fantasy games), and a treasure trove of juicy new details has just been released. While we’ve cautioned you to take all of these rumors with a mountain of salt (as supporting evidence has been scarce), this latest round of reveals is partially corroborated by another source.

This time around, NintenGen has posted a 3DS release schedule for 2016, giving us a general idea of when games will launch while also revealing multiple unannounced games. This information comes from a source that NintenGen claims is a verified Nintendo of America marketing employee. Most notably among the unannounced upcoming 3DS games is a
Pokémon 20th Anniversary title under the code name “Niji,” which translates to “Rainbow.”

Aside from the games we already know about, this rumor claims that a small-budget, casual-friendly 3DS title working under the code name ”
Caviar F” will be launched in the Spring or early Summer, as will “Disney Art Academy.” In the Summer, a big-budget game code named “Torte City” will launch, catering to gamers of all ages, as will a small-budget game code named “Cadillac.” In the Fall and holiday season, another big-budget game code named “N-Stars” will be launching, as will “DMW2” (believed to be Disney Magical World 2), and the previously-mentioned Pokémon Niji will cap off the holiday season.

What makes this rumor more believable than others is that part of it has been corroborated by the
Synexx Corporation. According to their distributor listing page, “Disney Art Academy” is the real deal. This doesn’t confirm the rest of the information, to be sure, but it increases the chances that NintenGen’s sources are accurate. It should also be noted that this is not the first time that the code name “Pokémon Rainbow” has made its way through the rumor mill. You can check out the full rumored release schedule below:

3DS release list 2016:

Spring-Early Summer

Mario and Sonic Rio 2016

Nintendo Selects Wave 1

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Disney Art Academy

Bravely Second

Code Name: ”
Caviar F” (casual friendly smaller budget game)

Metroid Prime: Federation Force


Code name: ”
Torte City” big budget unannounced game for all gamers core/all ages

Dragon Quest VII

Code name: ”
Cadillac” (casual friendly smaller budget game late summer)


3DS Hardware Price Cut

Code name: ”
N-Stars” big budget game for all ages

Nintendo Selects Wave 2

Code name: ”
DMW2” possibly Disney Magical World 2

Dragon Quest VIII

Pokémon 20th Anniversary game “Niji” Japanese translation: “Rainbow”

In addition to the release schedule rumors, NintenGen also provided some budgetary information. The report claims that Wii U has a total marketing budget of just $34.5 million for North America in 2016, $10 million of which is for Zelda. NintenGen has previously indicated that the upcoming Zelda Wii U game will also be an NX launch window title, and this new report states that some of the Wii U marketing budget could be shifted towards Zelda on NX. Meanwhile, 3DS is said to have a marketing budget of $56.25 million this year.

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