Update: Robertson has since tweeted out that his initial report was not entirely correct. His sources are now telling him that the deadline for a decision on whether or not to delay Star Fox Zero is this Friday in Japan. He now claims that Nintendo is in “panic mode” and the decision is being discussed right now. It’s possible that we could find out the result during tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct, but that is largely speculation.

Original article: Upcoming Wii U game Star Fox Zero was originally planned to launch during the Holiday 2015 season, but it wasn’t ready in time, and Nintendo announced that it was delayed until the first quarter of 2016. Even this proved not to be enough time, and the release date was bumped again to April 22nd.

Since then, Nintendo’s been fairly quiet about the game, and
some retailers have indicated that it will be delayed again. Meanwhile, industry insiders have suggested that it’s not up to quality standards and will likely be delayed. Liam Robertson (Unseen64’s Tamaki) has updated us on the situation once again, and according to his sources Nintendo executives will be meeting on Friday to discuss whether or not to delay the game once again. This is unconfirmed at this time, but Robertson has a good track record of leaking legitimate information. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and update you as news breaks.

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