We are all familiar with the classic SEGA/Nintendo rivalry:
NES vs MasterSystem, SNES vs Genesis, N64 vs Saturn, GameCube vs Dreamcast, etc.
Regardless of what you know either company from, it has always been blatantly
obvious that neither is particularly fond of each other. …Or are they?

A new alliance seems to be forming between Nintendo
and SEGA, with a partnership revealed at the latest Nintendo Direct. This relationship
has been characterized by the release of two of three Sonic games Nintendo
consoles will accept:
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 and
Sonic Lost Worlds.

Rumor regarding the third exclusive game is that it will be a
racing game. This coincides with earlier twitter rumors surrounding Steve
Lycett of Sumo Digital in which characters from other companies would race
against each other…but this may not be the same game Lycett was talking

The game is neither a new installment in the Sonic & All Stars Racing series
nor a Mario Kart Vs Sonic racing game. Currently, it is not even known
if the new game is even a kart racer. Yet it is known that the title is a
racing game derived from the Sonic series. The concept surrounding this game is
that it would, upon release sometime during the holiday season, take the place
Mario Kart U until its release next 2014. It is rumored that both Nintendo
and Sonic characters will be featured in the upcoming title.

Provided that this source is legitimate, we will have to wait
until a later date for the official reveal. Will this game spark a entirely new
chapter in the SEGA/Nintendo relationship? Well, this is only one game
right? …Wrong. Apparently there is yet another rumor floating around
Sonic Lost Words. This main series game is going to be similar to
Sonic ColorsAs it updates the saga with new abilities, worlds, and

Each of these games is being developed by SEGA with Nintendo’s
support and cooperation. Nintendo and SEGA are also speaking of more
collaborations beyond the Sonic series, so expect some SEGA/Nintendo games in
the future.

Although allowing SEGA to release a game on a Nintendo
console is definitely a step towards an alliance, one even more dramatic than
that is also being discussed. According to the source, additional SEGA characters may be
featured in the next
Super Smash Bros. game. Sonic will apparently return, and
Bayonetta may join as a newcomer to the game.

This all may be very true, but it can only be considered a rumor for now, so do not accept any of this as fact.

What do you think? Is it a good idea that Nintendo and SEGA may be putting aside their rivalry to form an alliance? Which of the
three new
Sonic games are you most exited for? Is it a good idea to add more SEGA characters to Super Smash Bros? Chat away!

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Michelle Wetherbee
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