Earlier today we learned that
Metroid Prime 4‘s development is starting over from scratch with Retro Studios taking the reigns. It sounds like it’s going to be a long wait before the Metroid faithful see the project come to fruition, but it’s not all bad news. In addition to the Prime series returning to its original developer, the Prime Trilogy may be heading to Switch.

This is a rumor that’s been circulating pretty much everywhere for months, but the rebooting of
Metroid Prime 4 has sparked new interest in the topic. According to Game Informer Senior Editor Imran Khan, a Switch version of the Metroid Prime Trilogy has actually been completed for quite some time. So why not release it? It likely comes down to corporate strategy.

According to both Khan and PixelPar (who accurately leaked tons of details about
Pok√©mon: Let’s Go months ahead of time), Nintendo had planned to reveal the Trilogy in December. They likely intended to release the Trilogy sometime soon as an appetizer ahead of the main course, Metroid Prime 4. But with Metroid Prime 4 being rebooted (which most likely happened in early December) Nintendo had to rethink their schedule.

So what does this mean for the
Metroid Prime Trilogy going forward? Will it still release sometime soon? We really can’t say for sure. Nintendo is likely contemplating the best time to release it. Khan speculates that this could mean waiting out 2019 and launching next year instead. As a longtime Metroid fan, I’m hoping he’s wrong about that, but only time will tell.

Source: Imran Khan

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