Brace yourself, it’s time to dig into some Pokémon rumors! This close to E3 there’s bound to be a myriad of leaks, some fake and some real, and Pokémon is currently the hottest topic on the rumor mill. We know that Nintendo is planning to launch a new Pokémon game on Switch “in 2018 or beyond,” but the reveal could be sooner than you think, and some key details may already have leaked.

In a recent blog post, Emily Rogers (who has accurately leaked info before) indicated that the mystery Pokémon game will be unveiled sometime this month. Perhaps a Nintendo Direct is incoming? She also indicated that Game Freak and Nintendo have paid close attention to the success of Pokémon GO, which will impact the future of the main series. She ended the post by suggesting that the names and general branding for the new games (two versions at launch, as is Game Freak’s custom) will “raise a few eyebrows.” Liam Robertson, formerly of Unseen64, also indicated that he expects the reveal to be divisive.

The story doesn’t end there, but it does get a lot more spoilery from here on out. An image has surfaced suggesting that the twin Pokémon Switch games will be titled “Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu” and “Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee.” If true, that would jive with what both Rogers and Robertson have said. Of course, it could also just be a follow-up to existing rumors.

What adds a little more credence to these alleged names is some earlier posts by a Twitter account called Pixelpar that claims insider information. Pixelpar has been tweeting out supposed hints about the upcoming Pokémon games, and they recently (before the alleged title image surfaced) encouraged fans to go back and look at them one last time. The tenth image depicted Ash/Red with Pikachu, while the eleventh depicted Gary/Blue with Eevee, and another image included the phrase “Let’s go,” matching up perfectly with the names. Since the alleged title has surfaced, Pixelpar has tweeted out confirmation that this was the intended teaser.

With multiple sources corroborating this story from lots of different angles, it’s looking more and more likely. Could we be headed for a remake of Pokémon Red and Blue?

Sources: Emily Rogers, Liam Robertson, Pixelpar

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