We’ve recently seen a lot of rumors about the NX, specifically regarding the ability to support Unreal Engine 4 and the amount of dev kits that have been made available to developers. The source of these rumors, YouTuber “SuperMetaldave64,” has given us yet another one. According to an unnamed source, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV will be ported to the NX. This source isn’t a developer on either project, but apparently he has been correct about some rumors in the past.

These rumors are based on the idea that the NX is graphically more powerful than the PlayStation 4. Thus, it is possible that these versions of the game would be the definitive editions. Furthermore, with Cloud’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros., it’s possible that Square Enix and Nintendo have entered further talks regarding future Final Fantasy titles.

There have been a lot of rumors stemming from SuperMetaldave64 in the past month, and coupled with the fact that we know little to nothing about NX, this whole thing can seem pretty fishy. We don’t have any sort of evidence to corroborate this claim, so it’s important to take this rumor with a grain of salt. You can check out a video explaining this rumor above. Do you think these claims have any merit? Would you like to see these games come to NX?

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