I’m hard pressed to even call this a rumor based upon the source, but that’s simply what it is until Nintendo confirms. Emily Rogers—who works at an unnamed marketing firm, blogs for NotEnoughShaders (where she created a controversial but extremely well researched look in Satoru Iwata’s work as a CEO), and is a writer for Nintendo Force Magazine—has taken to Twitter to build up some hype for future happenings at Nintendo.

No, she doesn’t work for Nintendo, but it’s important to note that not only has she never stated anything that turned out not to be true (in the general sense; her E3 2011 stuff was pretty spot on with only two things wrong out of 15 items she claimed), she recently was dead on about Deus Ex coming to Wii U in the way that it did, something she said would happen weeks prior to the announcement. Whatever connections she has seem to be rather reliable in the industry she so passionately enjoys being part of.

She had some great things to say about the Wii U, including a future announcement about a cross play type feature with Virtual Console and eShop games between the 3DS and Wii U… along with a bit of hype for some other Wii U related things that will be shown at E3 (which is creeping closer and closer).

As you can see, she is pretty sure that Wii U is going to have a good E3 showing, but more importantly she pretty much just leaked out that there is going to be a form of “cross-play” going on if you own a 3DS and  Wii U. That’s not too surprisingly since we know some titles were planning on cross play like features, but it is news that you may not need to buy the same game twice. That’s always good to hear.

What new features we could see, or big game announcements, are unknown at this point. While this is all a rumor, we give this one a bit more credit than most. Emily Rogers has never steered anyone in the game industry wrong before. We have no reason to believe she is doing so now.

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Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
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