The third wave of Amiibo is just around the corner, hitting on the 23rd in Europe and February 1st in the US, but stock is already looking low. A member of Nintendo Life has received a notice from the GameStop in Ireland his Rosalina Amiibo order had been cancelled.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Nintendo advised us late yesterday evening that we will not be receiving this product.

The Rosalina figure is the only product affected regarding the Amiibo orders. Any customers that have multi orders will receive the remainder of the order.

This has now resulted in a lot of orders including yours been[sic] cancelled and refunded.
— GameStop Notice

Supply is weak Stateside as well. Target, the exclusive retailer of Rosalina in the United States, is not currently taking orders for the stellar princess, while is already out of stock for several of the next wave. GameStop US and Best Buy are both out of stock of eight of the third wave Amiibo, while Toys ‘R’ Us is not offering preorders at all. In general, the UK has the best availability, though results vary from retailer to retailer.

Source: Nintendo Life

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