In celebration of the launch of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Nintendo Switch, Did You Know Gaming featured it (and its predecessor, Donkey Kong Country Returns) in their latest episode. There’s tons of interesting Kong facts throughout the video, including the revelation that Retro Studios hails Shigeru Miyamoto as “Master Yoda” for his wise counsel.

As it turns out Miyamoto was quite involved with the development of
Donkey Kong Country Returns. He considers Donkey Kong to be “his baby” (one of many iconic characters birthed by Miyamoto’s mind) and wanted to make sure Retro got it right. As such, he frequently playtested and offered suggestions, including the game’s blow mechanic and the double ground pound. The former decision initially elicited a response of “What the hell?” from Retro, but they eventually came to appreciate how it could spice up the game.

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