Despite still maintaining something of a place in the public consciousness, Grand Theft Auto V is actually old news. It released initially two and a half years ago, back in September 2013, so perhaps it’s no surprise it’s being reported that Rockstar Games has begun development on Grand Theft Auto VI. That’s right: Techradar is reporting that “a source close to the [Rockstar Games]” has revealed information that the game studio has begun “preliminary work” on the next major entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Is the information true? Uh, well…it seems reasonable enough, and Techradar seems to think so, so I’m gonna answer that with a fat “yah, I mean, probably.” Also, apparently Rockstar hasn’t actually settled on a location for GTAVI just yet, so we’re talking really preliminary.

Source: Techradar

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Barry Herbers
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