There’s a lot of hype among long-time Sonic fans for the upcoming retro-styled Sonic Mania, but that’s not the only hedgehog adventure SEGA has in the pipeline. The team behind Sonic Generations is also working on a new 3D Sonic game (known only as Project Sonic 2017 at this time) for next year.

While we still know very little about the upcoming game, a few details have trickled out thanks to a recent meet and greet event in Japan. Twitter user BlueStorm_SONIC attended the event, and they were told that Project Sonic 2017 will feature a new character. The team also confirmed that the game will feature a mixture of 2D and 3D stages like Generations did, and they hinted that there will be a new feature of some kind, but they didn’t elaborate.

Are you looking forward to the next 3D entry in the Sonic franchise? What new features do you hope to see? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: BlueStorm_SONIC (via Nintendo Everything)

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