Nintendo’s plans to release five mobile games for smart devices have been progressing slowly, as Miitomo, Super Mario Run, and, more recently, Fire Emblem Heroes, have all come to market. The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Nintendo’s mobile partner DeNA is working on the fifth game in this lineup, based on The Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo previously confirmed that their fourth mobile game would be an
Animal Crossing title, which was originally scheduled to launch by this past March but has since been delayed to a new window of this fiscal year, which ends on March 31st, 2018. The Wall Street Journal reports that the new Animal Crossing title will launch sometime in 2017, with the Zelda game launching sometime thereafter—though the timing hasn’t been finalized.

There’s no word on the style of gameplay or the monetization strategy behind this new
Zelda game, nor how it may fit into the Zelda series writ large. If I got my wish, it would be a Zelda-themed gyroscopic shooting gallery à la Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask 3D, though I personally doubt that’s likely. Given the many incarnations the Zelda series has seen over the years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a spinoff game that pays tribute to the entire series canon, as did Hyrule Warriors.

The Wall Street Journal also mentioned that The Pokémon Company is making a new card-based game for mobile devices, but The Pokémon Company declined to comment.

Source: The Wall Street Journal (via GameSpot)

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