Update: A Nintendo representative in Japan says this report is false. Nintendo has declined to comment to Western publications.

The launch of Nintendo Switch is just around the corner, and Wii U’s life is coming to an end, perhaps sooner than you may expect. According to industry insiders Liam Robertson (known for uncovering cancelled game projects for Unseen64), Emily Rogers (who has accurately leaked Nintendo Switch news in recent months), and Eurogamer, Wii U production will be wrapping up shortly.

Robertson first tweeted out that Wii U production will end “very soon,” and Rogers soon corroborated, stating that her sources claim it will end before the end of the month. Shortly after, Eurogamer put out a report stating that the last Wii U will roll off the production line on Friday, and Robertson corroborated that information as well.

Nintendo has previously stated that they
only expect to sell 800,000 Wii U consoles this fiscal year, and there have been reports that European retailers can no longer order new Wii U consoles as of October 1st. Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed that they’re discontinuing Wii U production, but the evidence is piling up.

Source: Liam Robertson, Emily Rogers, Eurogamer

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