The hype for Super Smash Bros. isn’t done yet! Remember when there was a ROM dump that gave evidence to the inclusion of DLC? Well the post-launch speculation for the game doesn’t stop there, as now hackers have reportedly discovered a bunch of text and code that practically proves that DLC for the game will happen, and for both versions of the game. People were motivated to find every bit of evidence that would prove the use of DLC since the last thread by NeoGAF user PushDustin.

The first list of code that essentially serves as proof that the game will need to load downloaded stages and characters, all according to a user named “PushDustin”

  • ui/replace/customize/spi_10
  • ui/script/lib
  • ui/replace
  • ui/replace/stage
  • ui/replace/profile
  • ui/replace/customize
  • test/lumen/resource_font/FOLKH_Light/FOLKH_Light.brf
  • ui/replace/image/com_bg_d_img
  • effect/ui
  • ui/replace/mark
  • ui/script/util
  • ui/replace/item
  • ui/font/lumen
  • ui/script/app
  • ui/replace/popup
  • ui/replace/clear
  • ui/replace/chr
  • test
  • ui/replace/category

There is also some information showing that the DLC shop will appear on the main menu, again courtesy of PushDustin:

SMASHOnlineSmash RunGames & MoreChallengeWii UStreetPassTest your skills in classic Smash! Challenge the CPU or nearby players.Connect to the Internet, and test your skills against your friends and the world!Collect boosts in a vast labyrinth to prepare for an epic final battle!Solo and group games, plus Training, custom fighters, the Vault, and more!Take on challenges and win prizes!Connect to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.A StreetSmash of epic proportions! Defeat your rivals and win prizes! ChallengesNotificationsShop

The important parts have been put in bold for the convenience for you guys. To conclude everything said, which can be read at the original NeoGAF thread, the same user who graced us with all of this info said:

The game uses pictures (EFF and BCO for Japanese and English) to animate “A Challenger Appears” on the top screen, so since there is a text version in the dump, either characters are unlocked through connecting to the Wii U, or it will display the text when a character is purchased through the store. Even though I hate to admit it, it’s most likely connected to the Wii U menu as there is no other text for the store (it’ll probably connect to the E-Shop, or download the page from the Internet). However, there are no additional characters files in the game which severely hurts the chances of this being the case (as the 3DS would have to download quite a bit of data from the Wii U in order to utilize the character).

The 3DS can be used as a controller in 8 player Smash for the Wii U, based on the pictures with the file names: 29CE and 279A (Essentially: the 1-8 Player Icons, and numbers with pictures of 8 fighters). Files with CFC13 are the menu pictures (posted above).

One can only hope that this ends up being true so we don’t feel like all the Ridley speculators. But that being said, it’s time to let us know what you guys think. Do you think that this has any validity at all, or is it just another hopeless speculation? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: NeoGAF

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