For several generations Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have been the three biggest names in the console market, but another major player could be planning to enter the fray. Google has been at the center of many gaming rumors over the years, and it seems their interest in the market is on the rise. According to Kotaku’s sources close to the company, they’re gearing up for something big.

Exact details are still scarce at this time, but according to a report from Jason Schreier, Google is planning to go all out in order to make a splash in the video game market. His sources have indicated that the tech giant has a three-pronged approach. First, they want to create a streaming platform, code named “Yeti.” Second, they intend to launch some form of gaming hardware. Lastly, they plan to be aggressive in their pursuit of bringing game developers under the Google umbrella. This last step could include Google buying out large, prominent development teams.

Schreier’s sources report that Google met with several major video game companies at both GDC in March and E3 earlier this month. Google is currently gauging interest in their planned streaming platform while also looking to “woo” developers and discuss possible acquisitions.

Little is known about Google’s planned gaming hardware, except that it will be compatible with their upcoming streaming service. The streaming service would hypothetically allow you to play modern, graphics-intensive games without expensive hardware, as most of the processing work would be done remotely. This means Google could potentially launch the hardware at a much lower price point than competing consoles, although we do not know if this is their plan. One person familiar with the streaming service claimed it could eventually be possible to play a game like The Witcher 3 on a Google Chrome tab.

Some of the developers Kotaku spoke to remain skeptical about the potential of Google’s hardware and streaming service combo. Google isn’t the first major tech company to push a streaming service or flirt with launching a console, and they’ve been known to abandon initiatives in the past. Still, the potential is sky high with a company like Google, and they recently brought on Phil Harrison (a former Sony President and Microsoft Vice President) among other video game veterans.

Source: Kotaku

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