Devil’s Third had been in developmental hell for well over seven years but was finally released last Friday on the Wii U. Unfortunately, the reviews for Devil’s Third have not been great either. Digital Spy called the game an “…offensively bad – sometimes actually offensive – action game, with sub-standard melee combat and fiddly gunplay. Riddled with technical issues, it’s almost completely devoid of any redeeming qualities.” According to Destructoid, it has been difficult to find a copy of Devil’s Third anywhere in the United States.

“I went to one Best Buy and three GameStop locations before I found a retail copy of Devil’s Third for sale. Best Buy had none in stock for the entire district, and only three GameStop stores in the state had copies of Devil’s Third available for customers who hadn’t placed a pre-order. GameStop also let me know that, as far as it could tell, its online store only had 420 copies of the game available for sale for the entire country.” — Jonathan Holmes

Have you been able to find a copy of Devil’s Third? What do you think of the game so far? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Destructoid, Digital Spy

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