Mega publisher EA claimed to have an “unprecedented partnership” with Nintendo on Wii U, but whatever relationship the two companies had quickly dissolved and EA abandoned support for the struggling console. According to industry insider Liam Robertson (known for getting the inside scoop on cancelled games for Unseen64), EA has Nintendo NX dev kits, and the two companies are set to meet next month to discuss their partnership going forward.

Since this initial report, Robertson has shared more information with Nintendo Life. According to his sources, EA was one of the first third-party companies to receive an NX dev kit, and Nintendo wants them to be a key partner going forward. However, EA has a few issues they want addressed first, mostly revolving around Nintendo’s lack of support for sports fans.

EA is reportedly expecting a detailed plan from Nintendo regarding how they’ll attract sports fans to NX, as EA Sports is a big part of the company’s overall business. This, Robertson says, was a major factor in EA’s decision to abandon Wii U last generation.

Going forward, EA reportedly wants Nintendo to start spending advertising money during televised sporting events like NFL games, NBA games, MLB games, World Cup matches, and the World Series — something that competitors Microsoft and Sony already do. Additionally, EA wants to see their games bundled with NX, especially sports titles like
Madden and FIFA which, again, is something that the competition already offers. Finally, Robertson says that EA executives “criticized Wii U for not having entertainment apps for MLB.TV, NBA, WWE Network, NHL Gamecenter Live, and the NFL.”

How willing Nintendo is to cater to these requests remains to be seen. Nintendo hasn’t been too keen on spending large sums of money on TV advertising in the past, and sports games (outside of spin-off games utilizing Nintendo IP) were not well-represented on Wii U. Will that change in the future?

Source: Nintendo Life

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