Today, Sony announced the launch date of Insomniac Games’ highly anticipated, PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man: September 7, 2018. We didn’t get a ton of new information regarding the base game but we did learn a lot about the game’s special editions, preorder bonuses, and post-release DLC.

The Digital Deluxe Edition will cost $80 and includes the base game and “new story chapters” as post-launch DLC, titled
Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps. The DLC will be three chapters containing new missions, villains, characters, and suits for Spider-Man to wear. More details on the DLC will be announced later.

For those of you who love
Spider-Man, there is also a collector’s edition that will set you back $150. There will be a limited quantity, and it will offer the same DLC as the digital version. This bundle includes a steelbook case, a mini artbook, and a Spider-Man statue. The statue itself has only been partially revealed, and Insomniac Games has teased that the statue is “obviously missing something.” Spider-Man is perched on top of something but what could it be?

If you live in the US or Canada and preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition you will also receive a “limited edition” collectible pin by mail; it shows Spider-Man in the same pose as on the box art. Other preorder bonuses include the Spider Suit Pack, a Spider Drone gadget, five extra skill points, and a PS4 avatar and theme.

Will you be picking up the game and any of the collector’s editions? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GameSpot

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