Reggie Fils-Aimé, President and COO of Nintendo of America, recently sat down with TIME to discuss Nintendo’s big plans for their future. Earlier this year they announced they’d bring their famous characters and worlds onto mobile devices through new smartphone games, and many a gamer worried what this might mean for their track record of top-notch, polished gameplay. While Nintendo has affirmed time and again that they’re building these games specifically for smartphones, Reggie wanted to reiterate that it’s not a simple cash grab.

“Unfortunately there’s a simplistic mentality out there, that ‘Make a Mario game for smart devices’ is a recipe for printing money. And it’s not. It just simply is not. It’s that Kyoto craftsmanship mentality that says whatever we’re going to do, it needs to be a wonderful experience for consumers. … We know that Mario and his ability to run and jump, to transform based on different items, that’s been optimized for a play-control approach that doesn’t exist for smartphones. And so for us, it’s not simply taking existing games and porting them over to smart devices as the answer. Our answer is to create new compelling experiences that leverage what smart devices do best.” — Reggie Fils-Aimé

We all know that touch controls make platformers a difficult fit for mobile devices, but it’s good to know that Nintendo isn’t losing focus on what makes their game worth playing, even through a shift to new, non-Nintendo hardware.

Source: TIME

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